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About F1 Cafe (Formula One Blog)

Welcome to F1 Cafe. I have been watching Formula One since 2002. I was 26 years old then. So, that’s a late entry! For some reason I’d not had a chance to watch F1 before. Better late than never I guess. I became a fan of this sport instantly. I haven’t missed a single race since, on TV.

To start with I was a Michael Schumacher and Ferrari fan, as he (and the team) was a dominant force when I started watching the sport. Initially, I hated Fernando Alonso, for beating my beloved driver, but I slowly started admiring what Fernando did and I realised how passionate Fernando was about winning races and championships. At the same time, Kimi Raikkonen’s speed caught my eye too. On more than one occasion, I felt for Kimi, as the unreliable McLaren kept letting him down.

As Michael Schumacher retired, my loyalties shifted to two drivers – Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen. Admired Fernando for his tactical thinking and outspokenness, and Kimi for his raw speed. Then came the new kid, Lewis Hamilton, who galvanised the whole F1 world with his debut, a string of podiums in 2007, and almost winning the WDC in his first attempt. Even though I live in UK, my favourite drivers are still Kimi and Alonso. I also like Filepe Massa. He came a long way since he started at Ferrari.

I was happy for Kimi to finally win the championship in the final race of 2007. After all the unreliability he suffered at McLaren, he deserved to win the WDC in 2007. Massa missing out on the championship in the last few corrnes of the last race in Brazil (2008), made me feel for him, but Lewis deserved to win the WDC too, with a few stunning drives in 2008. I watched him dominate the race at Silverstone, in heavy rain. That was the first race I went out to watch. More on my first race experience in a different post. I will be sharing the pictures I took with my SLR. It’s been a good learning experience, photographing these ultra fast F1 cars.

The wait for the brand new 2009 season has been unbearable. The new regulations, new cars and introduction of KERS made it all the more exciting. At last we are here and the season is underway in a dramatic fashion. Very very glad to see Brawn taking over the ex-Honda team and boy he did it in style with 1,2 in qualifying and repeating the same in the race.

About me, I am from London, and am a software engineer, with a keen interest in sports like (apart from F1)  Tennis, Cricket, MotoGP.

Through this blog, I look forward to sharing my views, observations on the 2009 Formula One season.


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