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Valentino Rossi to F1 or Ferrari? I prefer not!!!

Posted by f1cafe on August 21, 2009

We all know what a great racer and a great champion Valentino Rossi is. He is “The best” in MotoGP at the moment. But will he be any good in an F1 car? If the rumours came true and he moved to Ferrari, will he run at the sharp end of the grid? Nobody can say for sure, how its going to be like for Rossi to be in F1, but here’s my opinion.

The F1 grid is slowly getting rid of the old timers and fresh blood is coming in. At the same time Rossi is not getting any younger. To compete at the top in F1, age does matter! I don’t want Rossi to switch to F1, do badly for an year and disappear off the grid.

If he is looking for a new challenge though, I have a proposal for him. Even though he hasn’t got much left to prove in MotoGP, there’s always something 🙂

He already won championships riding a Honda and a Yamaha. Wouldn’t it be fantastic, if he won another wolrd championship on a Ducati? Yes, Ducati!.

I urge him to switch to Ducati, to partner Casey Stoner. So far, Casey has been the only rider to do well on that bike, and all his team mates struggled massively. It’ll be a dream come true for many of his fans, if Rossi switches to Ducati, beats Casey Stoner and takes the championship! It’ll be one hell of a season between Casey and Rossi.

Not to forget  Ducati is an Italian team too!


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