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Tickets arrived yesterday for British Grand Prix (Silverstone)

Posted by f1cafe on May 22, 2009

Fantastic. Our British Grand Prix tickets have arrived, a month ahead of the race weekend.

We bought our tickets directly from the Silverstone website. We bought these tickets around an year ago, immediately after the 2008 British Grand Prix.

This year, we have tickets for all three days (Friday free practice, Saturday practice and qualifying, and Sunday’s race). I’ll be sitting with four of my work colleagues in covered Platinum Grandstand Luffield A.

Luffield A provides a great view of the cars for longer duration of the lap, as it covers some of the slow corners and fast straights. Great for photography as well. The main advantage with Luffield A is that it is covered and there’s no problem even if it rains hard. In 2008, I was glad I sat in Luffield A, as it rained quite badly on Sunday.

There’s also a giant TV screen close to Luffield A. So it’s very easy to follow what’s going on in the race. I’ll have my mobile phone and headphones ready to tune into the live race coverage on Silverstone FM. Last year the commentary was great and it was easy to follow. Combined with the giant TV screen and FM commentary it was a lot more easier to follow the race than I had imagined.


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