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A visit to Ferrari Store in Regent Street, London

Posted by f1cafe on May 19, 2009

If you aren’t already aware, about a month or so ago, Ferrari had opened their first Ferrari Store in the UK. This store is situated in London’s Regent Street and is a two minute walk from Oxford Circus station. Kimi Raikkonen officially opened this store when he was in London prior to the Spanish GP.

Yesterday, after finishing at work early, I went to Regent Street to check out the Ferrari Store, and see if there’s anything that I fancy!! Shop looked nice and clean. It has one floor under ground. For added effect, every couple of minutes you hear the sound of a Ferrari F1 car gunning past you at speed. As you enter the store, you cannot ignore the real F2005 (The Ferrari F1 car from the 2005 season) in all its glory.

They seem to have chosen Italian staff. They all speak English with some accent, and all are very friendly and dressed up in Ferrari F1 gear.

You can find all sorts of Ferrari merchandise including T-Shirts, Polo shirts, sweat shirts, various models of cars, books, caps, bags and more. There’s a lot of stuff for kids as well. There are video games for you and your kids to enjoy.

As always Ferrari branded stuff is expensive! But I did end up splashing cash on a £55 Ferrari F1 shirt, which I always had an eye on. I’ll be wearing it when I go to British GP at Silverstone next month!

Check out some cool Ferrari gear at Amazon.co.uk


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